Commemoration to Patrick Swayze – The DEATH of a great ACTOR

This week I have assisted saddened to the death of a contemporary actor, an emblematic figure of the screens of our century. Coming back with the time, as not remember the beautiful moments passed in front of the movies of Patrick Swayze. An impressive personage of the Holliwoodian world, a great icon, an imaginary friend who often sweetened emotions and amusements of the million people of all ages.

A deep commotion I hold before to this news that has left me without words. A deep small lack is already perceived, as if we were already lacking of his great interpretations. Becoming famous he entered into the hearts of many fans, represented joys, pains and vicissitudes of life, demonstrating always a deep energy given off in each characters. To be famous is just this.

Personally I shall never forget such splendid works, which I have received splendid emotions from, in exchange for free admiration. Personally I won’t never stop to admire Patrick Swayze, a film star with a great emotional charge, and I won’t never stop to praise his artistic visibility. I will carry to you affectionately into the heart.

by Marius Creati

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